Madelgaire – (Im)Patience – 2010

Madelgaire is a progressive band from Belgium, or in their own words;
“ … lost paths, rising sun, swaying trees in the wind, dreams from far afar, a day like the others, almost … and an unexpected meeting of five musicians, senses explorers, off-track bards, unified by invisible waves of mineral music and a very strong attraction to hedonism, ready to accomplish a timeless trip through, music and bouts of delirium. Madelgaire was born during the Banquet of Equinox with discipline and apocalyptic asymmetric rhythms. This is a colourful opera, driven by hypnotic thoughts where only the fool remains silent”

“(Im)Patience” is Madelgaire’s debut album from 2010.

Stéphane Letertre – electric guitars, mandolin, acoustic guitars, vocals, special bottle effects; Dominique Lossignal – acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lead vocals, special effects; Pascal Rocteur – drums, lead vocals, percussion, special voice effects, sound effects; Christian “Memem” Vanderwhale – bass guitar, special voice effects; Bertrand Vanvarembergh – keyboards, Moog, Harmophon (custom 1970), Mellotron, special voice effects, MPGTS (Mobile Phone Genuine Theremin Sound) … and nobody played violin

The Belgian band Madelgaire deserve a review on progVisions. Simply because the debut album from 2010 was one of the strongest debut albums I have ever listened to. It was one of the best albums of that year! On “(Im)Patience” the band is wearing two faces. The first track “Gimme A Light” is sung in English and shows a progressive/symphonic band with a slightly American touch. This is because the first part has more rock/rio influences in the vocal refrains that sounds American to me. I had to think about the band Kansas. But soon there is a great instrumental part with nice melodic guitars, full keyboard strings and synth solo’s. In the middle section you find a delicate acoustic guitar part and a beautiful flute synth melody. This is a preview of the magic that is coming. The first thing that you notice is that the musicians are playing with passion and a high level of craftsmanship. The second song is the suite “Les Banquets d’Equinoxe” which is divided into the parts “Vae Victis”, “Les Murs” and “Dame Murs”. “Vae Victis” opens with acoustic guitars and keyboard strings. then follows a symphonic part with Mellotron and electric guitar … than the magic happens … beautiful French sung vocal lines and breathtaking melodies. The music develops into a style that reminds me of the French band Ange and the Swiss band Galaad. Maybe it is a coincidence but Galaad released in 1996 an album entitled “Vae Victis”. “Vae Victis” is a track of great diversity. The second part “Les Murs” opens mysteriously and has beautiful / delicate vocal lines and wonderful instrumental parts with some magical melodies. The band has three singers and the multi-vocal parts are just amazing. The piece seamlessly flows into the third part “Dame Brume”. The mandolin gives the first part a folksy atmosphere. I’m impressed by the sounds of keyboardist Bertrand Vanvarembergh. He plays an important role in the music of Madelgaire. He plays for the compositions, no freaky solo’s from him but carpets of beautiful strings and delicate synth sounds. The middle section of this track develops into a great symphonic rock piece before the folksy atmospheres return. For me the suite “Les Banquets d’Equinoxe”and “Vae Victis” are the highlights of the album. “Seul Le Fou Reste Silencieux” is a short piece of delicate acoustic guitar recorded live before an audience. Next highlight of the album is the closing track “Regrets”. The vocals are sung in English. To be honest when the band sings in French it sounds more natural. But the music of this diverse track with a lot of rhythm breaks is great. The tension of the music is working towards a climax … and then the beautiful guitar and keyboard melodies are returning.

“(Im)Patience”, Madelgaire’s debut album from 2010, is one of the strongest debut albums I have ever listened to. It is an album full of great symphonic rock and magical moments. I prefer the Madelgaire that is using French lyrics. The French songs reminded me sometimes of bands like the French Ange and the Swiss Galaad. But Madelgaire is more than that … the band is developing it’s own style. A band who deserves your attention … check them out!