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The progressive rock e-zine progVisions was founded in the year 2000, and in those early years it was made by an international group of members. progVisions objective was to become a centre of information that contributed to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock. The project was and still is all about the promotion of progressive rock music. The members of progVisions spend all their leisure to write reviews to give you the best information you can get about this music.

After the breakup of the international group of members, progVisions didn’t publish new reviews for a while. I have always taken care (also in financial aspect) that progVisions remained online. For me it is very important that all our reviews stay available for the open minded music lover. I decided in the year 2010 to develop a new design for progVisions and started again to write album reviews.

Douwe Fledderus.

how to become a member of the progvisions team

progVisions is looking for an experienced reviewer. If you have the time to write some prog reviews monthly and you think you are the person we are looking for, please send us a review written in English. You can use our contact form on the Contact Us page.


Under Reviews you can find all the album -, book -, concert – and DVD reviews that were written by the progVisions Team.

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rating system

The interpretation of the rating system is as follows:

one point: poor

two points: average

three points: good

four points: very good

five points: excellent !

copyright notice

The web page progVisions is managed by Douwe Fledderus. The copyright of the content published in progVisions is owned by the progVisions Team and therefore can not be used without previous written authorization.